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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Good Dress Up Soft and Supple Skin. ELENABLOG

I've been obsessed with scrubbing lately, it feels like giving my skin some tender loving care. Sometimes your skin needs to feel nourished, soft and clean, and you know that you couldn't get that by just taking a bath daily. Sometimes you need to invest on treatments to pamper your skin. 

Ever since I've tried Sugar Scrubbing in Whipped, I make sure to come back and pamper my skin every month. It is not just your ordinary bath scrub, it's sugar scrubbing so it makes your skin extra soft and supple. Scrubbing doesn't just look good on your skin but it also makes you feel good.

Do you know that flaky skin gives rise to dry patches? Flaky skin allows dead cells to accumulate overtime. Scrubbing helps you get rid of the flaky skin by removing the top layer so your skin keeps on producing new skin cells. Goodbye dry skin, Hello soft skin!

Scrubbing improves texture. All of the bumps and rough areas on your skin will be removed. Scrubbing will make your skin smooth as ever. It will make your skin glow revealing that rosy, porcelain like skin. Lastly, it removes all impurities on your skin. All the dirt that has been accumulated overtime. Scrubbing leaves your skin soft and supple.

I find sugar scrubbing essential now to my hygiene. I love how it makes me feel good and confident with my own skin. 

I'm so glad that Whipped is offering sugar scrubbing services applicable in different parts of your body. Now you can give yourself a treat and head on to Whipped for that awesome scrubbing treatment.

You can visit Whipped at Ayala Fairview Terraces, Eight Forbestown Center and Alabang Town Center!

Let me know how it goes!


Monday, August 29, 2016

Good Dress Up Whipped: Benefits Of Scrubbing and Sugar Waxing. ELENABLOG

Treating your skin every once in a while is always a good idea. Especially if it does wonders to your skin. If you've been a reader of my blog, you know how I take care of my skin through scrubbing and sugar waxing. Why do I always choose scrubbing and sugar waxing besides being hair-free? There's a lot of reasons actually.

For me there are 5 important reasons why I love scrubbing:

  • Smooth Skin- scrubbing removes all that unwanted stuff off your skin so it will definitely bring out the smoothest version of your skin.
  • Clean and Clear Skin- scrubbing removes dirt from your skin, it exfoliates your skin taking all the impurities and dead skin cells immediately.
  • No More Dark Spots- since scrubbing exfoliates your skin, it also helps even out your skin tone and remove dark patches off your skin.
  • Improves Texture- scrubbing will leave your skin supple and smooth. Say goodbye to rough areas, dry patches and bumps.
  • Awesome Feeling- it boosts confidence knowing that your skin feels good, you will also feel good.

Of course, there are also 5 reasons why I choose sugar waxing every time:

  • Don't Panic, It's Organic- sugar wax is made of ingredients that you can find in your kitchen, sugar, water, and lemon. That't it!
  • Finer and Thiner Hair Growth- sugar waxing reduces thickness and volume of unwanted hair growth over time.
  • Less Chances of Hair Ingrown- hair is removed from the same direction as your hair growth and hair is removed from the roots so definitely no ingrown!
  • Goodbye Dead Skin Cells- besides removing hair, sugar waxing also strips off your dead skin cells, so hello to that fresh hair free skin.
  • Healthier Skin- sugar wax is consists of lemon that has citric acid which has a natural effect of tightening skin. It also removes skin impurities and dead skin cells leaving a new layer of healthy skin.

There you have it, I've spilled all the juicy details why I love scrubbing and sugar waxing. Whipped offers both services, so if you wanna try it yourself, go visit Whipped now!

Whipped Metro Manila Branches:

2F Eight Forbestown Center BGC
Fairview Ayala Terraces
Alabang Town Center

Let me know how it goes!