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Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Dress Up 2012 Highlights!. ELENABLOG

So these are the unforgettable moments of my 2012! This is not in order! haha! I just don't have time anymore to put it in order because we're so busy with New Year's Eve preparations. Anyway, I'm still sharing these times with you guys. Let us all remember the priceless moments with our friends and families and let's be thankful that we are all together facing this new year with happiness and love!:)

The New Glorietta Vibe Fashion Show

Bataan Getaway with High School Friends!
 Christmas Picnic and Joyce's Birthday Surprise at UST!

UST College Of Fine Arts and Design Time Paradox Ball!

Enchanted Kingdom Trip with High School Friends!

Miah's Project X Birthday Bash!Cray!

Japanese Dinner! Karlos' Birthday Send Off at Manila Maki!

ADHOC 2012!

Foster The People Concert!

Yel's Awesome/ Near Death Birthday Bash at 7th High!Totally unforgettable!
 Baguio Trip with Mommy for Thesis! Thanks Mommy!Love you :*

I have lots of memorable happenings this year but these are my top 12 for 2012!hihi!

To all my blog readers, I would like to thank all of you for tirelessly reading my random posts. I wouldn't be inspired to blog more if not for you guys so thank you so much! I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make each day count for 2013!:)