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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Good Dress Up Celebrate LIFE: Yoga, Food and Music. ELENABLOG

How good it is that more people now are interested on improving their health, wellness and lifestyle?  I find it amazing that people become more involved in such activities. 

I go to the gym regularly to keep a healthy and toned body with proper workout. I've tried Zumba, TRX, Circuit training and a lot to maintain a fit body. I've always wanted to try Yoga though. It looks relaxing, peaceful and something different to the activities that I've just mentioned which includes strenuous movements. So I've discovered this new Yoga place in town that not just offers Yoga but appreciates art, food and music as well. Life Yoga Center focuses on the holistic nature of Yoga and maintains a welcoming atmosphere by featuring every facet of our lifestyle.

Last Sunday, I attended their Karma Class. A donation-based class every Sunday that proceeds go to charity. It's good that people still find a way to help through different aspects such as Yoga.

When I came to the place, I was in awe. The view from the glass windows, the silent and relaxing music really builds up the environment for wellness.

I've always thought Yoga is easy but now I know that it's not hehe. It requires a lot of stretching, twisting in the most complex of ways. But besides stretching and twisting, I felt that it gives so much relaxation to the mind and soul. Every move requires a deep inhale and exhale that lets your body feel every movement. I felt very relaxed after this Yoga class.
Doing the Tree Pose :)
sports bra, FOREVER 21

The Prana Square

Isn't this a wonderful view to see while doing Yoga? I felt very close to nature.

The Lotus Room
As what I've mentioned earlier, they also offer food and good music. They have Vibe Cafe inside the studio.

I love how this place appreciates art because as an art major, I felt really welcome in this place.

Went to Karma Class with fellow bloggers Aldous, Lina and Shelley.

These are Life Yoga Center's rates because I know you would all be interested. ;)

Whoever said that Yoga is just for women, he/she is totally wrong! Yoga is for dudes too! Check out Life's BROGA. Perfect for the dudes for their core-strengthening and muscle-toning. Every Saturday at 3pm. 

The class we attended. The Karma class every Sundays at 10am. What goes around comes around, people! It's for charity so why not? :)

Thank you L!FE for this wonderful Yoga experience! Will definitely come back!

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don't forget to hashtag #lifeyogaBGC

L!FE is located at 2/F Eight Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, BGC.

Photography by Raymond Tagle Jr.



Monday, October 21, 2013

Good Dress Up STOP! PlanaForma's Spice Girls Zumba Party!. ELENABLOG

Last week, I was invited by my friend Christine Liwag and the PlanaForma team to attend their most talked-about Zumba Party at PlanaForma, Centris Walk! I was so excited because if you guys follow me on twitter and instagram, I really do Zumba. I do Zumba with my Mom and siblings, one way for me to stay fit. 

So anyway, Christine told me that the theme of the party is Spice Girls! It made me feel more excited! I just can't wait to dance to Spice Girls songs while wearing spice girls themed costumes! I got my shirt the last minute so I just did a little bit of customizing. I wanna be Baby Spice but I don't have much time so I just attached sequined bows to my shirt and did little cut outs, of course my outfit wouldn't be complete without my sequined shorts!HAHA! This Zumba Party is really fun because you can wear whatever you want as long as you can dance in it!
My Zumba buddies that night! Kelly, Christine and Rovie!

OOTN: Outfit Of The Night!

I see a group of Scary Spice!
Union Jack outfits? Ginger Spice for sure!
Girly outfits? Most def, Baby Spice!

Time to bust the moves!

Our awesome dance teacher that night, Gino Ong! This guy got the moves! We're all pumped up to his dance steps! Great job, Gino! :)

with Ms. Nikki Valdez after Zumba! haha dont judge we're all sweaty!

Of course, the Zumba Party wouldn't be successful without these awesome sponsors!


NESTLE Non-Fat Milk

I love love love these all veggy sandwiches!









I got one of these! Love my new workout shirt!:)

Best Dressed Spice Girls of the night!:)

Rovie, Christine, Kelly and I all had a great time! Thank you so much PlanaForma for having us! Definitely trying this out again!:)

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to PlanaForma Centris Walk or Fort and try out their Zumba or other work out exercises. PlanaForma has good facilities and services that you would surely love and totally worth it!:)

For more information about PlanaForma, you can visit them here: