Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Dress Up 2012 Highlights!. ELENABLOG

So these are the unforgettable moments of my 2012! This is not in order! haha! I just don't have time anymore to put it in order because we're so busy with New Year's Eve preparations. Anyway, I'm still sharing these times with you guys. Let us all remember the priceless moments with our friends and families and let's be thankful that we are all together facing this new year with happiness and love!:)

The New Glorietta Vibe Fashion Show

Bataan Getaway with High School Friends!
 Christmas Picnic and Joyce's Birthday Surprise at UST!

UST College Of Fine Arts and Design Time Paradox Ball!

Enchanted Kingdom Trip with High School Friends!

Miah's Project X Birthday Bash!Cray!

Japanese Dinner! Karlos' Birthday Send Off at Manila Maki!

ADHOC 2012!

Foster The People Concert!

Yel's Awesome/ Near Death Birthday Bash at 7th High!Totally unforgettable!
 Baguio Trip with Mommy for Thesis! Thanks Mommy!Love you :*

I have lots of memorable happenings this year but these are my top 12 for 2012!hihi!

To all my blog readers, I would like to thank all of you for tirelessly reading my random posts. I wouldn't be inspired to blog more if not for you guys so thank you so much! I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Make each day count for 2013!:)


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good Dress Up Snowflake. ELENABLOG

  Mint Green Top with Embellished Collar and Black Tweed Shorts, Forever 21

 Black with gold shimmer clutch, Accessorize | Gold Bangle, Hiss Bliss
 Lace-Up Booties, Aldo

I don't know why, but I feel like a snowflake in this outfit. hahaha! I think the photos and the mint green color made me feel as if I'm in Winter Wonderland! Anyway, this was my Christmas day outfit. We spent Christmas day in Tagaytay with the whole family! I'm not a huge fan of green but this color really looks pretty and suits my personality. I think chiffon and tweed looks good together because of their soft to rough texture. To compliment the embellished collar, I added the gold jewel choker and gold bangles and bracelets. To give an edgy vibe to this feminine outfit, I wore my black lace up booties. Glamorous yet Edgy right?:) 

So how was your Christmas Celebration? Will post more about Christmas Day soon!:)

***Thanks to my sister Errolyn for taking these awesome photos!:*


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Good Dress Up Splendour in a Belle. ELENABLOG

This is the dress that I designed for our Fashion class finals. I'm selling this champagne dress for 8k! It's made of chiffon Galaxy Tulle and Satin(back side,not the shiny side), sweetheart neckline, with glass beads embellishments on the side, model size. Tweet me @nicooolesantos or email me if interested 

Model:Ms. Alexis Bernardo

Official Videographer Lois Ruiz
Photography: Charisma LIco
HMUA by Sef Qu�mado and John-Brianne Mistica for Sephora Cosmetics
Styling by Joma Bernardo 
Special thanks to
Jonard Palteng
Also featuring Designs by: 

(Holiday editorial - Behind the scenes TEASER) 

Good Dress Up ReMINEd lets you say "Target acquired" in a few months. ELENABLOG

Christmas is not only the time for wish lists. You can set your goals anytime, anywhere. I know each and everyone of us experience a hard time in goal-setting especially in buying the things that we want. We forget our priorities and tend to replace it with new ones. I myself experience these problems, especially when I go window shopping. I always tell myself whenever I see these pretty pair of shoes that I'm going to buy it at the end of the month using my allowance. But as time goes by, I forget about it and end up not buying it. Even though I write it down in my planner, I still forget because I don't bring my planner at all times and I write on different pages from time to time. How I wish I have an app that can remind me to save up for the pretty things that I want. 

As a fashion blogger and a student at the same time, this is really a big deal especially in shopping. I have to save up using my allowance (I don't want my parents to pay for all the stuff that I want all the time, right?) So I have to be good in goal-setting and be thrifty. Are you having the same problems? I know most of us experience this. I'm happy to introduce you ReMINEd app! Your virtual mine box that can remind you what to buy and what to do in an exact time. You can simply download it on your phone and be reminded anytime and every time you receive your allowance or your monthly salary! 

Scroll down and go ReMINed!

Title: ReMINEd lets you say "Target acquired" in a few months

 A new year is coming, and that only means new beginnings. And although a lot of people welcome the new year by making a long list of should's and shouldn't's, new year resolutions are usually never done right by the end of the year.

Let me introducce you to an app that can potentially help you complete (or at least achieve up to 80%) the tasks on your to-do list. 

A Filipino company, AppLabs Digital Studios Inc., has recently launched a lifestyle app for both iOS and Android fans! The app is aptly called ReMINEd, for it proves to be a very simple reminder application for folks that would love to finally reach their goals.

This app allow users to finally do away with their sticky notes and large, chunky daily planners that cost an arm and a leg to get (I'm looking at you, coffee shop!)

ReMINEd offers a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to paper, and it makes goal-setting a lot more fun. The visual want list's main highlight is the MINE box, a virtual box where all things and even career goals you desire can be saved. Whether you're an aspiring fashionista or an honor student, having your first runway show or graduating with flying colors is finally doable! The app is also known as a visual wish-list application, which means you get to add pictures to the MINE box help your dreams come true!

To facilitate users reach a positive outcome, ReMINEd permits target dates to be set with reminders to reach goals. Furthermore, there are three priority levels available- Low, Medium and High.

ReMINEd is presently offered in 2 versions on iTunes and Google Play. ReMINEd light is downloaded for free, whereas the complete version prices $0.99 per transfer. Visit for additional information concerning AppLabs Digital Studios' 1st reminder application!

**Disclaimer: This review article has been written by Ethel Kay Merioles for the ReMINEd application.**

So you know what to do next time when this new gadget comes out at stores! List it down and ReMINed!:)

Good Dress Up Freeway�s Art Bag Design Contest. ELENABLOG

  At Freeway, fashionalism is not just about Philippine fashion.  It�s about dedication and commitment. This January 2013, Freeway is starting the year off right and grand by sharing its mission to champion the spirit of fashionalism as the brand launches its first ever Art Bag Design Contest. The competition encourages young creative minds to showcase Filipino talent and fulfill Freeway�s vision to showcase Philippines Art & Culture through innovative interpretations. 

Let your creative minds and nationalistic heart work together. Submit your artwork! The winning designs will be put into production as part of Freeway�s National Artist Collector�s Series Fall 2013 in May together with the featured National Artist which has yet to be revealed. To enter the competition, submit an originally designed artwork that includes the elements of nationalism, Filipino pride or our country�s art and culture together � it can be digital image, photo of own artwork in different mediums (pen and ink, oil, watercolor, pastel and others). All approved submissions will be uploaded on Freeway�s Facebook Page for voting which is 20% of the criteria.

Contest period starts January 1 to February 28, 2013. Submission of entries will be accepted only until February 15, 2013. Voting starts January 1 to February 28, 2013. See full mechanics and download application form at

The 2 grand winners will not only receive the satisfaction of seeing their artworks with their names on the hangtags in Freeway stores as part of the National Artist Collector�s Series Fall 2013 but each winning designer will also receive a 16gb iPad Mini and Php 10,000 worth of Freeway Gift Certificates.

Learn more about Freeway�s Bag Design Competition in website and Facebook Page  Join and be part of the historic National Artist Collector�s Series!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Good Dress Up Watch 'Si Agimat, Si Enteng, At Si Ako' this Metro Manila Film Festival!. ELENABLOG


The story begins with the establishment of the three different worlds apart, bound to meet for an adventure like no other � the humble family-oriented story of ENTENG KABISOTE (VIC SOTTO), a low-profile technician married to the beautiful Fairy Princess of Encantasia, FAYE (GWEN ZAMORA); the battles of the AGIMAT (RAMON �BONG� REVILLA, JR.), the brave village Warrior Hero of Amuleto; and the high tech-yuppie Kingdom of Diwatara ruled by Princess ANGELINA KALINISAN-ORTEZA (JUDY ANN SANTOS), also known in the human world as �AKO,� where she leads an environmental advocacy organization.

From the initial instalment �Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote� in 2010, the friendship and partnership of Enteng and Agimat continues. From an �eligible bachelor� Hero, Agimat now strives to apply all his learning from Enteng and Faye as he himself tries to start his own family with wife, also an Amuleto warrior, SAMARA (SAM PINTO). The fun levels up as Aiza brings Angelina and her comic modern Fairy sidekicks Pink Kapre CHE (John Lapus), Winged Horse SOL (Yassi Pressman) and Computer-wiz Dwarf CHICHAY (Ryzza Mae Dizon), into the lives of the Kabisote�s and the Amuleto couple.

As the fun triples, so as the adventure and thrill as they are confronted with high-tech and primitive villains from somewhere totally out of their worlds: cannibal tribes of the Tokatoks and filthy alien monsters from other planet. Witness unparalleled battle stunts set in the Philippines� never-before-seen destinations as Agimat, equipped with his one-of-a-kind swordsmanship, Enteng and his iconic comic fighting style and Princess Angelina, in her Mystical Bird alter ego wins the battle of good over evil.

Enteng movie as it has always been known, values family, marriage, friendship, responsibility, forgiveness, love and respect and the protection of the one and only Mother Earth. Si Agimat, Si Enteng Kabisote at Ako, is a rollercoaster ride of drama, action, magic, visual effects, production design, cinematography and an unlimited fun and laughter for everyone.

Presenting 'Si Agimat, Si Enteng, At Si Ako' 

Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. as Agimat

Vic Sotto as Enteng Kabisote

Judy Ann Santos as Angelina/Ako

 A week ago, a Bloggers Conference was held at Annabel's Tomas Morato for the movie 'Si Agimat, Si Enteng, At Si Ako'. Different bloggers were there to know more about the spectacular movie. The movie is also an official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival that's why everyone's excited to know what's new about it since Enteng Kabisote has been a yearly blockbuster movie. 

The event was hosted by fellow blogger, Melai Entuna.

 Mr. Vic Sotto was there at the Press Con to answer all of our questions regarding the movie. We really enjoyed listening to his stories. Too bad Mr. Bong Revilla and Ms. Judy Ann Santos weren't there to be with all of us that night due to busy schedules. 

Some bloggers started asking questions about the film. I'm so happy that I was able to ask Mr. Vic Sotto though I'm a bit shakey at first. haha! The press con was fun. We learned a lot of things about the movie from the making to the story itself.
 Mr. Vic Sotto answers all of our questions in full detail.

What's a press con without a photo with the lead actor? hihi Photo with Mr. Vic Sotto! He was really friendly in person!:)
 Photo with my fellow bloggers!

So what are you guys waiting for? Hit the cinemas now and watch 'Si Agimat, Si Enteng, At Si Ako' I'm sure the whole family will enjoy this awesome movie! I can't wait to watch it with my family as well!:)

Mad props to the cast and to all the hardworking and creative people behind this movie, and of course to Director Tony Reyes!:)

You can also check out this links for updates.
twitter account : @agimatentengako
instagram account : siagimatsientengatsiako