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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Good Dress Up Sonder Styles X Nicole Santos. ELENABLOG

It's just a week away before Labor day weekend! I bet everyone has plans set for this holiday! Whether it may be at the beach or just a weekend staycation, you definitely need a good pair of swimsuit to wear at the beach or the pool. I've discovered a new swimsuit shop online that showcases unique swim sets!:)

Introducing SONDER STYLES!

n. the realization that each one of us has a unique story
  Sonder Styles offers uniquely designed swimsuits made of only the best quality nylon spandex. These are complemented with handcrafted beach accessories.

The Summer 2015 collection consists of reversible bikinis, highlighted with cheeky bottoms in bright blue, pink and yellow. Sonder Styles is committed to bringing out the confidence in every Filipina, cause it knows that having fun on the beach starts with right swimwear. No more ill-itting or see through bikinis, and no more common/mass-produced styles.
My Sonder Styles Oahu 4 Way Reversible Triangle Bikini. 

Sonder Styles, core foundation are classic sillhouettes, but we experiment with patterns and colors. This is why our products will never go out of style even from season to season.

Sonder Styles also offer summer accessories that you could mix and match with your swimsuits!

Since I've mentioned earlier that my Oahu Triangle bikini is reversible and can be worn in 4 ways, let me show you how!:) 





Imagine, 4 different ways in one swimsuit? You can definitely wear it repetitively and no one would notice! :)

Want this bikini? I know you do!
That's why together with Sonder Styles, I'm giving you a summer treat!
Show us a picture of your summer destination on instagram and get a chance to win swimwear and accessories of your choice from our collection. Don't forget to follow me @nicooolesantos and @sonderstyles and tag ?#?sonderstyles? ?#?nicoleXsonderstyles? for your entries! Giveaway is until April 30 only! Open to all ladies residing in PH! Now, what are you waiting for? Post away! I'll be waiting for your entries! :)


Monday, March 3, 2014

Good Dress Up Bag District Mystery Gift Box Giveaway!. ELENABLOG

First off, I know I've been such an irresponsible blogger lately by not posting regularly. I apologize for my blogging hiatus it's just that I've been busy with my new work. hihi So blessed with everything that's happening now. I'm so happy with my new job, I'm doing good so far and a lot of opportunities are coming in and I'm so thankful! 

So, I'll make it up to you. Since I've been so blessed lately, I'd like to spread the good vibes to you, my lovely readers, by hosting this giveaway! Surprise!!!:)

In collaboration with one of my favorite online brands, Bag District, we'll be hosting a giveaway! I swear you have to join because there's A LOT in the box waiting for you! ;)

Before anything else, let me tell you more about Bag District. Bag District is an online shop for fashion. Initially, they focus on men's and women's bags, but as they grew, they have also expanded to other products such as clothing and accessories. Bag District has a wide variety of branded items such as Michael Kors, Coach, Cole Haan, Sephora, Lacoste, Bath and Body Works, to name a few. They cater to all sorts of ages- from teens to yuppies, even to mom's and dad's so they're sure that everybody will find something they like when they browse through their products.
Lastly, Bag District do not tolerate imitations! Everything there is 100% authentic and brand new, and everything is bought from the US. :)

Isn't it great? Bag District is like your one stop shop!:)

So for the giveaway, I'll be giving this cute gift box which will contain several pretty items from my store. This means that the content can be any or a mix of the following: Clothing, Accessories, Cosmetics, and Bath & Body works/Victoria's Secret products. The prize will be randomized, but the chosen winner can get a chance to win their desired item (specified in mechanics below) as long as the item fits in the gift box (dimension will not be shared). You can only select ONE item from Bag District so you need to choose wisely.

Just follow these easy peasy steps to join the giveaway!:)

You have until March 25 to join! Open to all readers in the Philippines! Good luck!!:)