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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Good Dress Up Corpo Chic + Dream Big. ELENABLOG

 Blazer, SOIREE SM GTW. Black Skinnies, BENCH. Top, FOLDED AND HUNG. Heels, WADE. Necklace and Gold Cuff, HISSBLISS.Bag, Grenj Bags.

When I was in 3rd year college, I started wearing corporate outfits. I have to, it's a requirement. It's the time when I'm applying for internships. Admit it, it's really hard to pull off a corporate attire, besides being boring, it's also uncomfortable to wear. But of course, there's always a way for anything. You have to consider the job that you're applying for. Luckily in my field, I can play up with colors and different styles because I apply for companies connected with retail or anything the creative field. In this look, I wore a pair of black skinny jeans since I'm not a fan of slacks. I wore this white sheer top and layered my striped blazer to make it look corporate. Add accessories to make it look chic but don't overdo it. You can mix and match clothes to achieve a chic corporate attire like a bodycon skirt, a nice top and a pair of pointed pumps. Make sure you'll carry your nicest bag to look more stylish.

Credits to Yuki Tansengco for my outfit photos!

My treat from the WADE Team!!! Check out my new pair of platform heels! I super love it! It's so comfy! You won't even feel you're wearing sky high heels! Watch out for my next post about my Style Council experience for Wade!:)
 As an ex- campus ambassador for your favorite internship site FASHIONINTERN.PH , I'm so excited to tell you about DREAM BIG! brings you "Dream Big: A Guidebook For Your Dream Internship Abroad" by Trish Velarmino. This book will help you in achieving your dream internship abroad, step by step. Whether its in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo or London, you can reach for the stars. The good news is, this e-book is for FREE! Visit this site for more details :)

Currently in an internship right now? Tell me about your experience! Comment here or tweet me your stories!:)


Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Dress Up If The Shoe Fits. ELENABLOG

One of my fashion resolutions this year is to lessen the platforms and try pulling of sexier heels. Though I know I can't let go of my love of platforms because of my height, I have to at least try it for a fresh look. Don't you just love the ankle strap minimalist heels? It looks so sexy on your feet because it has less details and thin straps so it will emphasize on the shape of your feet. It doesn't look chunky unlike with platforms. 

I wore this outfit last Sunday to my cousin's 7th Birthday at The Sun Room Cafe. Oh kids these days, her birthday feels like a debutante's birthday! She even had her 7 candles, roses and treasures! HAHA! My aunt told me that I'm part of the 7 candles so I have to dress up nicely. She asked me to wear a dress but I don't feel like wearing a dress that time. Since the event is a children's party, I opted to wear shorts to keep it casual but paired it with my navy blue blazer to look ready for the event and this sheer top to balance everything else. To brighten up the look, I wore gold accessories. 

I love this leather peplum shorts that I bought from Kirin kirin last SuperSale Bazaar! It looks like a pleated skirt! Gives a girly vibe with an edgy material.

 Blazer, Suzto Manila | Top, Folded and Hung | Leather Peplum Shorts, Kirin Kirin

 Charm Bracelet, HissBliss

 For me, the prettiest thing in an outfit are the shoes! It defines your outfit! haha! Honestly, whenever I see someone who dresses nicely, I look at his/her shoes first! These are my newest favorite pair of shoesies! These minimalist heels are perfect for your newly pedicure toes! Sexy eh?:)

Shoes, Jellybean