Sunday, January 26, 2014

Good Dress Up Ysabel's Daughter Opening Soon at the Mega Fashion Hall!. ELENABLOG


On Jan 28, SM Mega Mall is opening its �high end� wing called Fashion Hall.  As it opens at 9:00am, new stores and kiosks shall be opening too!  One just like Ysabel�s Daughter.  This is the first locally produced bath and body line that is all 100% natural.  This means all the raw materials of each product is from nature, it is chemical-free, has no toxic materials, and no preservatives.   

In the last decade, a vast majority of Filipinos are becoming more and more convinced that they should become eco-friendly, natural consumers, both for the own sake, their family�s well-being and for the environment�s health.

This is a story about Cristina Cruz or Coty, who started her own line of bath and body products that are preservative-free, toxic-chemicals-free and cruelty-free.  She was first inspired by her husband Ricky, who decided to start his own backyard bee colony given all the wonderful natural benefits of raw and unfiltered honey.  The bees in their care generated honey so premium, it inspired her to create a line of bath and body products using this wonderful ingredient.  Also, in her desire to give only the best to her family just like how her mother did, she challenged herself to come up with an entire line of bath and body products the uses the finest, natural raw materials gathered from around the world mixed into gentle creams, soothing lotions, and luscious scrubs, giving generous portions on essential ingredients. This is what started �Ysabel�s Daughter�.

Ysabel is an actual person.  Coty�s mother is an epitome of all our mothers who raised families in endless, selfless and enduring love.  �This is the same care that we would like to share with our patrons,� declares Coty.

Ysabel�s Daughter is proud to present a line of body care products made from high quality 100% natural raw materials.  �What sets our products apart is that we use a much higher concentration of natural active ingredients, like the purest of imported essential oils.  Our products are carefully crafted with a high proportion of these quality ingredients to let your natural beauty shine from within,� Coty further reveals.

Aside from honey, here is just a sneak peak of some of the top-notch raw materials that Coty has added in her bath and body line: Jojoba Oil, Carnitine, Fine Green Luffa Shreds, Moringa, Green Tea, Walnut Scrubs, Essential Oils, L-Arginine, Olives, Lemons, Oranges, Walnut, Laminaria Saccharina Extract, CoQ10, Algae Extract and many more.

Best of all, Ysabel�s Daughter uses no preservatives or toxic chemicals which are sadly prevalent in many commercially available beauty products.

Coty further shares, �We are proud to be a Filipino-run company that can compete with what is out there in the international market.  But despite our international standards, the foundation of a Filipino family is an essential component in how we run things, as well as how we would like our customers to feel when they use what we offer � with the warmth and relaxation of home.�

Finally, Ysabel�s Daughter doesn�t only aim to make Filipinos feel beautiful, it also wants to give back to the community.  The fairly newly formed company has been supporting and contributing to causes of various foundations around the country.  �We believe in setting aside a portion of our income to benefit children in need of education and placing them in schools that provide the proper schooling that they deserve,� Coty shares.

Ysabel�s Daughter is available online on and at the Ysabel�s Daughter kiosk at the upper ground level, Mega Fashion Mall of SM Megamall.  

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Good Dress Up A Stylish Affair: The Toni & Guy Hair Party. ELENABLOG

A Stylish Affair: The Toni & Guy Hair Party
Global hair care brand starts the year right with a uniquely themed celebration
MANILA, PHILIPPINES � There are many who believe that genuine style should be celebrated, and rightly so. To commemorate the exciting cohesion of great �dos and fabulous get-ups, Unilever�s new hair care range, Toni & Guy is throwing its first ever Hair Party to ring in the New Year.

A mainstay at London Fashion Week, Toni & Guy has a handle on the hottest hair trends season after season. Tapping into the varioushair personalities of the fashion forward, the brand�s four style collections: Casual, Classic, Glamour, and Creative, help achieve a wide variety of looks. No matter the occasion, Toni & Guy sets the tune for the style leaders of today with the event of the season.

The T & G Hair Party, exclusive invitation to the metro�s sartorial movers and shakers, incites the hottest Manila society crowd to come up with their own take on the brand�s Hair Meet Wardrobe philosophy.The evening also marks the unveiling of the brand�s newest collaboration with the city�s most notable influencers and Toni & Guy�s stylevisionaire, an expert when it comes to head to toe perfection.

The unique photo exhibit features the most talented minds in the industry: top stylist Pam Quinones and famed photographer Mark Nicdao who bring their astounding vision to reinvent the Toni & Guy style collections. Cementing their foothold as the go-to label for style influencers, Toni & Guy proves that there�s no better place to be than at the cusp of style.

The T & G Hair Party is set to take place on January 23 at Prive Luxury Club.


For more information, contact ARC Public Relations Inc. at or visit

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Good Dress Up Take Me Back to The 70's!. ELENABLOG

Floral Overalls, FOREVER 21 | Necklace, FOREVER 21 | Platform Heels, WADE | Watch, CASIO | Sunnies, TOPS

Brights hues, playful patterns, loose silhouettes, and platform shoes is what 70s fashion is all about. Remember those hot pants, bell-bottomed trousers and hippie fashion? Yep, welcome to 70s fashion!

This floral overalls reminds me of 70s fashion with it's floral print and loose silhouette. I chose to wear this pair of black platforms to compliment the look. This vintage looking sunnies totally summed up the whole 70s feel.

Fashion trends just repeat from time to time. You don't have to follow trends everyday. Whenever I feel like dressing up like this or like that, I do. Styling does the trick. I may be channeling 70s fashion here but I tweaked it a bit to look modern. Make an outfit look more interesting by letting your own style show.

Anyway, how's your week so far? It's Friday already!! The week went by so fast and I love it. I know every student and people in the working class loves Friday!

Wishing everyone a great weekend!:)


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good Dress Up Jacko Wacko Music Festival. ELENABLOG

RAVE with us this January 25, 2014 as ENGLICOM, in partnership with EDM Philippines present to you, JACKO WACKO MUSIC FESTIVAL!! 

The biggest, grandest and first ever music festival of DLSU at Circuit, Makati. Filled with variety of EDM, food, merchandise vendors, game booths, fashion show, attractions, PRIZES, and a lot more!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Good Dress Up Thigh High. ELENABLOG


The thigh high slit made its comeback during the late half of 2013. I've posted an outfit last year wearing a thigh high slit skirt as well but I'm posting one again now. I can't get enough of this trend! I love how it's conservative yet sexy. Conservative because of the skirt length and sexy because of, well the slit showing your smooth stems! You know what they say, if you got it, flaunt it! I may not have the skinniest of legs but I'm confident that it's proportion to my body and it's scar-less. When I was a kid, my grandma hates it when I fall and marks a scab on my knee. I make sure not to touch it that much so it won't leave a scar. Taking care of your legs is a must! Living in a tropical country, you just don't want to wear pants all the time right?:))

I wanted to give this look a twist by not looking so feminine. So I matched this skirt with my sporty pullover and I was surprised that it worked! It's sexy yet sporty! Ha! ;) 

So that's my take on the sexy skirt. Your turn! How would you style a thigh high slit skirt? Post a look and tweet me/ comment your links below!:)


Good Dress Up Tay For A Day. ELENABLOG

Top, FOREVER 21 | Skirt, NICOLE SANTOS | Belt, FREEWAY | Bag, MOM'S CLOSET | Heart-shaped sunnies, BAZAAR

One of my favorite female artists is Taylor Swift! I mean, how could you not love her? She's pretty, she's a good songwriter, she's a good singer, she dances so well, she can play musical instruments, she has a sense of humor, she can pull off red lips all the time, her hair is just gorgeous and she has a good sense of style. Tay is known for donning red, white, black, stripes, polka dots and glittery outfits. Her style is very feminine. 

I was feeling very Tay that day, I just randomly chose this outfit. I wore this last December 24 for our super last minute grocery shopping. I want something comfy and easy to wear since we're already rushing to finish our grocery list for Noche Buena. I wore this red striped top and this daisy print skirt plus my houndstooth sling bag . Yes to print on print on print! You know the rules on print on print right? Just play with the colors. You can wear print on print just make sure you'll wear prints in the same color palette. :)

Tell me, this look reminds you of Tay right? especially the heart-shaped sunnies like the one that she wore in her 22 music video! You, who is your favorite female artist?:)


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good Dress Up The Color Teal. ELENABLOG

 Top and Skirt, NOUN PH | Heels, JELLYBEAN | Sunnies, CRAVE MORE | Earrings, SM ACCESSORIES | Watch, CASIO

I love the color blue in every shade especially in clothes. I have tons of blue inside my closet! But this blue is becoming a trend right now, the color Teal. I see this color everywhere and I've been purchasing lots of teal items lately. It's very pastel, it's between blue and green. It's new to the eye because only a few people wear teal-colored clothes. 

I love how this skirt is a combination of teal and light yellow! The pastel colors made the pencil skirt less serious. Pair it with a simple white top and heels and you're good to go! 

Got this lovely ensemble from NOUN PH! A new online store that sells chic casual clothing. Their clothes are their own design and is locally manufactured so you can have them be done in your size! They just launched their first collection so you better be shopping NOUN PH real soon!:)

So this is my first outfit post for 2014! YAY! Sorry I'v been a very irresponsible blogger lately by not updating my blog regularly. I've been busy with work and the lot but I promise to update every once in a while! :)

How are the first weeks of 2014 treating you so far? Me? I'm doing okay, I've been busy but I really enjoyed the holidays and I'm looking forward to more amazing things that will happen this year.

I haven't talked about new year's resolutions. I don't believe in this anymore. I believe if you want to resolve something, you don't have to wait for next year to do it, just do it right away. haha! But I have 3 goals this year, TO TRAVEL, TO SPEND LESS AND SAVE MORE, AND TO STAY FIT AND EAT HEALTHY.

You, what are your 3 goals this year?:)