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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good Dress Up The Color Teal. ELENABLOG

 Top and Skirt, NOUN PH | Heels, JELLYBEAN | Sunnies, CRAVE MORE | Earrings, SM ACCESSORIES | Watch, CASIO

I love the color blue in every shade especially in clothes. I have tons of blue inside my closet! But this blue is becoming a trend right now, the color Teal. I see this color everywhere and I've been purchasing lots of teal items lately. It's very pastel, it's between blue and green. It's new to the eye because only a few people wear teal-colored clothes. 

I love how this skirt is a combination of teal and light yellow! The pastel colors made the pencil skirt less serious. Pair it with a simple white top and heels and you're good to go! 

Got this lovely ensemble from NOUN PH! A new online store that sells chic casual clothing. Their clothes are their own design and is locally manufactured so you can have them be done in your size! They just launched their first collection so you better be shopping NOUN PH real soon!:)

So this is my first outfit post for 2014! YAY! Sorry I'v been a very irresponsible blogger lately by not updating my blog regularly. I've been busy with work and the lot but I promise to update every once in a while! :)

How are the first weeks of 2014 treating you so far? Me? I'm doing okay, I've been busy but I really enjoyed the holidays and I'm looking forward to more amazing things that will happen this year.

I haven't talked about new year's resolutions. I don't believe in this anymore. I believe if you want to resolve something, you don't have to wait for next year to do it, just do it right away. haha! But I have 3 goals this year, TO TRAVEL, TO SPEND LESS AND SAVE MORE, AND TO STAY FIT AND EAT HEALTHY.

You, what are your 3 goals this year?:)


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Good Dress Up The Girl in the Green Skirt. ELENABLOG


Familiar with my blog post title? I know most of you have watched the movie or have read the book �Confessions of a Shopaholic� already. If you haven�t, let me give you a quick introduction. In the book/movie Rebecca Bloomwood, the lead role is a shopaholic that wanted to work for Alette, a fashion magazine but became a writer for a financial magazine, Successful Savings instead. She became popular with her first column for the magazine and she was named �The Girl in the Green Scarf�. It�s one of my favorite fashion related movies that�s why I thought incorporating it with my blog post since I�m wearing green! Haha! I don�t wear green that much but in the past few days, I find the color attractive and have decided to wear it more.

This is what I wore last Saturday, October 5, 2013. Event-filled day, so I have to come up with a chic look that I can survive wearing the whole day. I�ll tell you more about the Estee Lauder event and GoPaktor Bloggers Hang out by Nuffnang Philippines that I�ve attended on my next post.

I�ve noticed that pencil skirts are having a comeback. The trend is just all over fashion blogs, magazines, online shops, and instagram accounts of many fashion savvy ladies out there. A pencil skirt is a very staple piece; you can wear it in many ways. You can wear it in casual, formal or corporate. I love my new pencil skirt with the asymmetric frill detail! The shape is just so sexy that it highlights your hips and legs.

Since pencil skirts are on trend this season, time to invest on these staple pieces. You can visit and shop at Zalora! They have pencil skirts in different prints and colors! From a simple black for a day in the office to a floral one for your weekend with friends! Plus, they�re also having their Great Shoe Sale! Make sure to check out their heels like the one I�m wearing in this post! These kinds of heels look so chic in everything! And since I'm a Zalora Brand Ambassador, I can treat you guys a special discount! You can use this code to avail a discount of 15% off when you shop at Zalora! CODE: ZBAP0Gt 
Visit for more fashionable pieces! Happy Shopping! :)

*Photos by Christine Liwag