Thursday, August 29, 2013

Good Dress Up Stripes and Daisies. ELENABLOG


First of all, sorry for my 2-week blogging hiatus. There's something wrong with my laptop and I cannot work properly with my blog posts and other things without it. Right now I'm using my mom's laptop just to keep my blog updated! Hassle right? huhu I know. 

About the look, I wore this last week to my mom's balloon workshop! Yes, she's the one who taught the participants about balloon styling and decoration! I was there to be her personal photographer! haha 

By the way, don't you just love this necklace? I got it from Pinkbox in a very cheap price! I bought 5 different charms and 3 chains for my sisters and I! This Eiffel tower charm is mine since I've always dreamt of going to Paris! yiiee! Visit Pinkbox for more charms and accessories!:)

If you need balloon services or party venue styling you can contact me or my mom, Nilda Santos.
Text or Call: 09175642656

Thanks to my Dad for taking my outfit photos!!! He's good right? :)


Good Dress Up Solo�s Online Model Search 2013 . ELENABLOG

Gear Up for Solo�s Online Model Search 2013 Featuring Kikomachine!

Ever dream of becoming a model, but too shy and intimidated to go through all those go-see's? This is your chance! Solo, being a front runner of innovative ideas, invites you to its SOLO ONLINE MODEL SEARCH 2014. 

The coveted modeling competition started back in 2009 and has been successful ever since. Yearly, close to 100 model poster entries are submitted to Solo's site , which allows viewers to vote for their fave model. The 2012 grand winners, Ganiel Krishnan and Derek Espinosa, both had the chance to play out their modeling dreams with last year�s Online Model Search featuring Tonton Young�s Pupung. Past featured collections include Tony Velasquez�s Kenkoy, Larry Alcala�s Slice of Life. Solo's Online Model Search is ingeniously launched with its Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Seriesas contestants are tasked to wear one item from the featured collection and model it in their photo entries. Past featured collections include Tony Velasquez�s Kenkoy, Larry Alcala�s Slice of Life and Tonton Young�s Pupung. This year, it�s all about Manix Abrera�s Kikomachine.Men and women�s apparel ranging from t-shirts, collared tees and shorts are all dawned with graphic images of Kikomachine�s trademark cartoons and beloved characters.

Running on its 5th year, Solo's  much-anticipated modeling competition starts on August 15. Contestants, male or female, should submit photo entries of themselves modeling one (1) item from Solo�s Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series featuring Manix Abrera�s Kikomachine while adhering to the theme: Street Life. Photo entries must also include at least one of the design elements found in the design pack which contestants can download at Contestants must then log on to Facebook and upload their entries, all of which will be screened by our moderators, through the Solo Online Model Search App/Tab. Entries can be submitted until October 15 but voting of all approved entries will last until October 27. The contest is open to Filipino citizens at least 16 years old. Contestants below 18 years old must submit a parental consent form before joining which they can send via e-mail. Remember to focus on creativity, photo layout and styling! After the contest period, 20 finalists (Top 10 males and Top 10 females) will be chosen and invited for an interview. Solo is on the hunt for one male and one female with the most photogenic appeal and the best personality fit for representing the brand. These two individuals will be deemed as grand winners by our panel of judges and will each win cash prizes, gift certificates and of course, bragging rights as they see their images in all Solo stores! Their partner photographers/graphic artists will be receiving cash prizes as well. Model grand winners will also get the privilege to do two photoshoots for Solo�s 2014 campaigns with one of the best photographers in the business, Doc Marlon.

So do you think you have what it takes to be the next face of Solo? Let your inner model shine and join the Online Model Search 2013! For complete mechanics, please log on to like our Facebook page You may also follow us on Twitter and Instagram @MySoloOnline.

Good Dress Up Solo Launches Manix Abrera�s Kikomachine for Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series. ELENABLOG

Solo Launches Manix Abrera�s Kikomachine for Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series

About the Pinoy Cartoonist Manix Abrera
Kikomachine Komix, one of the country�s best selling comic strips to date, has captured the attention of many readers due to its relatable and hilarious presentation of everyday Pinoy experiences. To be able to gain a huge amount of avid fans with his quirky sense of humor, Manix Abrera is definitely one of the most talented cartoonists in his generation. A graduate of Fine Arts major in Visual Communication in UP Diliman, 31 year old Manix started writing Kikomachine when he was still in 2nd year college back in 2001. When asked what his main inspiration was behind creating the comics, he said it was from the experiences he had and the scenarios around him during his university life. �Sobrang dami kasing mga nangyayari at mga kwento na sobrang weird at wild, naisip kong pwedeng-pwedeng gawing komiks.� When he was still little, he loved reading and watching movies, thus the spark of creating stories ignited from him. Since then, he has developed his talent and interest in comic strip making. He even became a part of the Philippine Collegian, UP�s official school publication where he illustrated editorial cartoons and made a comic strip called �Iskololoy�. Apart from that, one of his biggest inspirations in becoming a comic strip artist was his father and award-winning cartoonist, Jess Abrera Jr. �Malaki yung influence niya talaga sa pag-drawing ko kasi lagi niyang sinasabi na wag ko siya gayahin sa mga drawing niya, maghanap ako ng sarili kong style.� Apart from creating comics, one of Manix�s main interest is music. In college, he founded a band together with his friends called Kiko Machine, the name where he derived Kikomachine Komix from. He is also into sports and outdoor activities such as diving, swimming, bike riding and climbing mountains.

About Kikomachine Komix
Kikomachine is a comic strip showcasing the everyday life of your typical Pinoy featuring themes that are very common and relatable such as commuting, dating, college life and more. What makes them hilarious is that they are presented in an exaggerated manner, highlighting Pinoy trademark qualities as it goes along. As for the 8 main characters, they are a set of odd, lovable characters who are nameless but each with distinctive qualities such as the guy with the spiky hair, the girl with the shaved head, the guy with the glasses and goatee, and so on. Wondering how they refer to one another in the comic strip? They just simply call each other �pare�, �tsong� or �ano�. When asked why the characters he created are nameless, Manix said that he couldn�t think up of names, so he just left it as it is. Today, Kikomachine is compiled into 9 books and also appears daily in the comics section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. With his growing fanbase and continuous support from his fans, Manix continues to strive making Filipinos laugh everyday with his talent through Kikomachine.

About the Collection
Solo�s back with another exciting collection for its 4th year of Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia! This time Manix Abrera has joined the wave of well-acclaimed cartoon artists we pay homage to for Solo�s upcoming comic based collection. Following the success of the first three highly praised collections comes Manix�s Kikomachine, a hilarious comic depicting an average Pinoy�s everyday lifestyle and experiences, featuring a bunch of nameless University kids as main characters. The collection consists of men and women�s casual wear composing of tees, collared tops and shorts, all decked with graphic images of humorously drawn characters and eccentric comic strip scenes from Kikomachine. It won�t matter if you�re already an avid reader of Kikomachine or if you�re just starting to get familiar with it because the collection�s prints are eye-catching and fun, definitely something that everyone can enjoy! Wear them anywhere for that casual, upbeat look and put that Pinoy humor in fashion. Get set for another whimsical and trendy fashion break as Manix Abrera�s Kikomachine collection is set to hit Solo stores this August!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Good Dress Up Peek- A- Boo. ELENABLOG

Cropped Top, FOREVER 21. Shorts, SOIREE SM GTW. Blazer, MOM'S CLOSET. Necklace, FOREVER 21. Shoes, FREE FISH AT RES TOE RUN.

Peek- A- Boo! 
Honestly, I feel uneasy whenever I wear cropped tops during day time. People here in the Philippines are not accustomed to seeing girls showing a part of her torso while walking down the streets. haha! I commuted that day to my event and yes I wore this while commuting, I just buttoned down my blazer to cover my skin. hihi So there another tip for girls who commute like me! You can still commute without sacrificing style!;)

So I wore this to the Pump Juice Bars Grand Opening at The Hub, Greenfield district. The weather is soooo unpredictable so I always layer these past few days. I'm not a 'pants' girl so I wear shorts and skirt most of the time. 

By the way, have your tried Pump Juice Bars? You should!!! Try Breakfast Blaster! You won't regret it! Watch out for my next post to know more about their grand opening!:)


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Good Dress Up Pastel Lovin. ELENABLOG


I seldom wear pastel colored outfits because I don't own much pastel clothes but that day we're required to do so. Wore this to the Pretty in Pinkbox event. So glad to find few pastel pieces inside my closet! I've worn this top for like three times already! One of my few pastel pieces! Plus this skort from SM Kids'! Yes, SM KIDS! They still fit me! haha Perks of being a petite lady! SM Kids' have lots of stylish pieces that even my age would love! I was surprised that salmon and teal can actually look good together!

By the way, I think I'm over-using this pair of studded flats from Free Fish! I swear it's so chic and comfy! Every time I wear this, I get compliments on how nice it is! Visit Res Toe Run and shop Free Fish! They have the nicest and comfiest flats ever!:)


Good Dress Up Wade Style Council. ELENABLOG

Wade asked a few bloggers to be a part of the Wade Style Council where in the bloggers will critic Wade's latest collection and decide whether it will be loved by the customers or not. This is one way for Wade to know which style and products will be marketable to the people. Yuki and I were Wade's Style Council for their Women's Shoes and Bags! We're so glad to be a part of it! 
 So we examined the shoes and bags one by one and we write down what aspects that we like and what we don't like. We were honest about this, we considered the price, style, quality, color etc! We had fun doing this! It's actually good to know that you have a say about something.

 Here are some items that I loved in Wade's new collection!:)

This pair reminds me of Blair Waldorf! I think this is something she would wear!haha

This pair looks so comfy and lovely when worn!

This is soooo meee huhu I love this!

My love for ankle straps!

Yuki and I loved this hologram-ish silver flats!

My co-Style Council, Yuki Tansengco! We love that studded Celine-ish Bag and this shoe!:)

Thank you Wade for this opportunity! We're so excited to check out Wade stores soon! Make sure to check them out especially their bags!!! So stylish and affordable!:)

For more updates about Wade, 
Follow them on Twitter: @WadeShoesPR


Good Dress Up Corpo Chic + Dream Big. ELENABLOG

 Blazer, SOIREE SM GTW. Black Skinnies, BENCH. Top, FOLDED AND HUNG. Heels, WADE. Necklace and Gold Cuff, HISSBLISS.Bag, Grenj Bags.

When I was in 3rd year college, I started wearing corporate outfits. I have to, it's a requirement. It's the time when I'm applying for internships. Admit it, it's really hard to pull off a corporate attire, besides being boring, it's also uncomfortable to wear. But of course, there's always a way for anything. You have to consider the job that you're applying for. Luckily in my field, I can play up with colors and different styles because I apply for companies connected with retail or anything the creative field. In this look, I wore a pair of black skinny jeans since I'm not a fan of slacks. I wore this white sheer top and layered my striped blazer to make it look corporate. Add accessories to make it look chic but don't overdo it. You can mix and match clothes to achieve a chic corporate attire like a bodycon skirt, a nice top and a pair of pointed pumps. Make sure you'll carry your nicest bag to look more stylish.

Credits to Yuki Tansengco for my outfit photos!

My treat from the WADE Team!!! Check out my new pair of platform heels! I super love it! It's so comfy! You won't even feel you're wearing sky high heels! Watch out for my next post about my Style Council experience for Wade!:)
 As an ex- campus ambassador for your favorite internship site FASHIONINTERN.PH , I'm so excited to tell you about DREAM BIG! brings you "Dream Big: A Guidebook For Your Dream Internship Abroad" by Trish Velarmino. This book will help you in achieving your dream internship abroad, step by step. Whether its in Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo or London, you can reach for the stars. The good news is, this e-book is for FREE! Visit this site for more details :)

Currently in an internship right now? Tell me about your experience! Comment here or tweet me your stories!:)