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Friday, December 20, 2013

Good Dress Up Brightest Moments . ELENABLOG

All of us had our brightest moment. That one moment when you felt so confident and happy, you're with the special people in your life, or maybe you've achieved something so great and valuable. We had different moments where we felt so special as if you're the brightest star in that place and time.

In my 20 years of living, my brightest moment was during my College Graduation last March 2013! That moment when all of my hardships, staying up late to finish my plates, financial expenses, daily commute to school and countless memories and experiences as a student finally ended! My greatest achievement. I felt so happy because I can finally say, hard work paid off! Of course it's not just the thought of finishing school that made this moment the brightest, but also the people I got to share it with.

Honestly, I felt a mix of emotions. I felt so happy, sad, excited, and loved. I was so happy because of the fact that I'm graduating with my college friends. We've all finished college together on time. Sad, because I know we wouldn't be able to spend time with each other everyday unlike before where we're in college. Excited because the chapter of our lives as a student has finally ended and we're on to the next! I'm so excited for each and everyone of us to go out there and find for the job that we love and be successful in our careers. Loved because..oh wait, I don't have to explain this. I already feel loved with all these people around me. This made this moment extra special.

What's a graduation without the people who stood by you 'til the end? My family of course! The whole family was there at my graduation. Even my grandmother who's having a hard time seeing and walking, dressed up and attended my graduation. She told me she can't miss this time of my life. So sweet, i can't thank her enough.

All of my siblings were there too! I'm the eldest in the family so this is the first time for them to attend a college graduation that's why they're so happy and excited for me!:)

My Dad was there of course. How could a dad miss his eldest daughter's graduation? Thanks Daddy!

And of course my Mom, my ever supportive mom. I actually feel so blessed to have very supportive parents. They always got my back whatever I want in life or whatever decisions I make. This achievement is for them. I can't thank them enough for giving me everything, for giving me the education that every child wants.

 I think this is my brightest moment not because I finished school or because I'm done facing all the suffering a student faces but I declare this as my brightest moment because of the people around me. The people I got to share this moment with. And of course the feeling of happiness that I brought to my family.

This unforgettable moment made me more confident in facing the next challenges that I'm going to handle. I am now confident to find a job, go after my dreams,  never stop achieving and dreaming.

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You, what's your brightest, most unforgettable moment of confidence with your family and friends? :)


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Good Dress Up Blogopolis 2013: #INTOTHEWILD Blogging and Social Media Conference . ELENABLOG

Blogopolis 2012: ONLIne in the PHilippines

Last year�s Blogopolis focused on engaging and educating the bloggers of the ever-growing Filipino blogosphere. The conference covered topics related to blogging and its four pillars - content, marketing, monetization and advocacy. It served as an introduction to the blogging industry with the goal of helping our community further their blogging skill set and knowledge. 

Blogopolis 2013: #IntoTheWild

Weaving Information for Leaders of the Digital world

This year, we are taking you to the Information Jungle. With the surge of social media, and other online platforms, we want to help you make sense of the digital world. Key speakers will be discussing social media know-how and digital marketing and advertising trends. Blogopolis 2013 is a day-long event starting with plenary sessions in the afternoon, and a post-conference party at night where key influencers in the industry will be awarded. This event is open to everyone - bloggers, social media influencers, students, digital marketing officers, and advertisers, and anyone who is interested in the world of digital, particularly social media.

Here�s a list of speakers who will be sharing relevant digital marketing and social media insights:
         Abe Olandres for The Cycle of Ads: How to Make Social Media Advertising Effective
         Aisa Ipac, Ana Gonzales for Taking your Readers Offline: Successful Ways to Mount a Blog Event
         Christine Dychiao for Blog Fund: 10 Ways to Guide Back Traffic to Your Blog Using Social Media
         Googly Gooeys (Tippy & Pong Go) for The Media Kit: Creating a Compelling Blog and Social Media Proposal
         Jeff Lo for Blog Thy Neighbor
         Jim Paredes for The New Nation 2.0
         Josh Villanueva for Youtube: The Next Frontier
         Lori Baltazar for Podcasting 2.0: The Podcast is Alive
         Chuckie and Yen Dreyfus for The Ultimate Selfie: How to Manage your Social Media Accounts
         Aris Olea (Creator of ConjuRain), Macky Lopez (Gwiyomi �Nasaan na si Mikay?�), Claire Custodio (National University, Cheerquadron) for Going Viral

Nuffnang will also hold its first Nuffie Awards to recognize the contributions of selected online influencers. To vote, you may visit this link:

Blogopolis 2013 is co-presented by Blink
Our Major Sponsors: Sun Broadband, LG Electronics
Media Partners: Adobo Magazine
Official Timekeeper: Timex
Special thanks to: Print Social

For Blogopolis updates, visit Nuffnang�s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.
Or visit the official website:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Good Dress Up Paktor PH 1st Bloggers Hangout!. ELENABLOG

Meeting New People Made Easy with Free Smartphone App
Paktor�s 1st Bloggers Hangout in the Philippines

In my last outfit post, I've mentioned that I attended Paktor's 1st Bloggers Hangout here in the Philippines. It was held last October 5 at Commune hosted by Nuffnang Philippines. It was a very interactive event. I got to meet bloggers in their own field. Of course, with the help of Paktor, I got to meet them easily. Wanna know more about Paktor? Here you go.

Swipe. Match. Chat.

That�s how simple it is to meet new friends online with the free Paktor iOS and Android app (

Singapore-based startup Paktor, also present in other markets across Asia, recently gave members of the Philippine blogging community a taste of the fun Paktor experience and held its first blogger event on October 5th at Commune Caf� in Makati City.

Netizens were able to experience for themselves how simple it was to use Paktor and meet new people online. Attendees also posted live updates on their social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the event hashtag #WeLovePaktorPH.

�This event was made possible thanks to the support of the Philippine blogging community, and we�ll be sure to work closely with our users and listen to their feedback,� added Christopher Star, VP for Regional Digital Marketing.

Humble Beginnings

Paktor founder Joseph Phua drew from his own experiences in founding the company and building this smartphone app. The idea came about when he just ended a long-term relationship and had trouble meeting new people. After exploring all of his options, the idea to create a simple and friendly smartphone application built around �locality, usability and anonymity� popped into his head. Joseph decided to specifically focus on the three key features after his evaluation of other apps and websites.

�It�s only natural for many of us to be afraid of being rejected, which is why we�re sometimes too shy to go out and meet new people,� Joseph pointed out.

You don�t experience rejection because you and your match are the only ones who know that you�ve made a connection, and you�re in control of whether you want to find out more about the other person.

Interface, Usability & Design

First, Joseph wanted to make sure Paktor would be a more user-friendly app. Other sites had long and tedious sign-up pages requesting a user�s personality traits, likes and dislikes and what they were looking for in a person. Paktor, however, has a simple two-click registration / confirmation process that utilizes the user�s existing Facebook account. This allows new Paktor users to immediately begin browsing for new friends.

Paktor�s graphical user interface was also designed with simplicity in mind. Instead of lengthy, verbose profiles, Paktor�s main page features simple 1�x1� photos of potential friends within your immediate area. Users are only able to view distance, friends in common, shared interests and additional photos before deciding if they would like to get to get know the person in the photo better.

Utilizing the smartphone�s built-in GPS to search for Paktor users within your area, Joseph believed integrating a locality feature within the application was extremely important. Traditional dating apps often make it difficult and tedious scheduling a time to meet with a potential match, so much so that many of the users never end up meeting face-to-face. Paktor makes the process more immediate where if two members get along and share common interests, they can immediately arrange a common place nearby to get to know each other better.

Safety & Anonymity

The beauty of Paktor is that you can safely and anonymously view the profiles of other members and keep swiping until you find someone interesting. If that person also found your profile interesting, then you�ll be alerted that you�ve found a match! Now you have the option to start chatting privately with that person on the Paktor app to get to know him or her better.

Meeting someone virtually can still be daunting because of all the privacy issues, so arguably the most important thing to differentiate Paktor from other social networks is that the whole application works in relative anonymity. If you swipe right to �like� another user, that person must also �like� you back before a match is made. Once the match is made, a chat room pops up connecting the two users. This guarantees a certain level of privacy and so users are not bombarded with unwelcome messages.

�We will also make sure to tailor the Paktor experience to the needs of Filipino users, and we�re lining up a number of exciting online and on-ground activities that our Filipino community will be sure to enjoy,� said Monique Espino, Managing Director of Marketing for the Philippines.

As a non-invasive app, Paktor allows people to meet with confidence and on-the-go. With the Internet integrated into all our daily activities, Paktor makes perfect sense � as a fun and easy way to get to know more people and expand your circle of friends.

By the way, I super love these cupcake from Commune! They're sooo delicious! You have to try it! :)

Photo with friends from Nuffnang Mauro Daez, AJ Yabut and Abby Castelo. My date for the day of course, Yuki Tansengco!
 What did I told you about meeting people? Easy right? Download Paktor now! Met these awesome bloggers that night! Had fun with our little chit chat.

So what are you waiting for? Download Paktor now and get ready to SWIPE, MATCH AND CHAT!;)

About Paktor

Paktor connects you with people nearby whom you�re interested in. It�s all anonymous until someone you like, likes you back. Paktor brings people together, no pressure attached. Download the FREE Paktor app available in Android and iOS. Visit www.gopaktor.comfor more details and updates. Follow Paktor on Instagram and Twitter at @gopaktor and Like Paktor on Facebook

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Good Dress Up De La Salle University Student Media Congress. ELENABLOG

Ms. Maria Ressa talking about the Social Media

Mr. John Nery talking about taking print to the next level.

Mr. Jaemark Tordecilla of Interasksyon
 Mr. Jaemark started his talk with these funny images from the last elections.

 " People use the internet like a drunk man uses a lamp post, for support, not for illumination."

"Preaching to the choir is not always a bad thing, if your can make the choir spread your gospel."

Mr. Val Victa of the Manila Broadcasting Company talking about the Radio media.

  " The Internet( Digital Media) is no different from TV, Print and Radio... It's just another DISTRIBUTION METHOD." - Val Victa

Last July 26, 2013 was the first day of the first ever Student Media Congress held at the De La Salle University. A lot of students from different schools in different parts of the Philippines, professors, and people from the media came in to this 2-day seminar and workshops about different fields of media. I was lucky to be one of the Blogger delegates of Nuffnang Philippines and was able to attend this event. It was a fun and interactive event. We learned a lot from the awesome and witty speakers. I attended the event with my friend Sarah Garcia and blogger friends, Yuki Tansengco and Ana Gonzales. We all had a great time! Too bad I'm going to miss DLSUSMC's second day, but I bet you guys are going to learn more and have fun at the same time!

Props to DLSU for organizing an event like this! Thank you Nuffnang for this opportunity! Looking forward next year for the Student Media Congress 2!:)

Were you able to attend? Share me your experiences and the things you've learned! Tweet me of comment them below!:)


Monday, July 15, 2013

Good Dress Up Student Media Congress. ELENABLOG

The first Student Media Congress, organized by DLSU Student Media Office in partnership with DLSU Culture & Arts Office and DLS-CSB Student Publications Office, with the theme Exploring Media Breakthroughs, is a two-day event that includes workshops and talks on the different potentials of media happening on July 26-27, 2013.

Register at

Registration and payment have been extended until July 20, 2013
For more information, contact Daniel John Leonardo at
Interested partners may contact Claudine Caballero at