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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Good Dress Up ReMINEd lets you say "Target acquired" in a few months. ELENABLOG

Christmas is not only the time for wish lists. You can set your goals anytime, anywhere. I know each and everyone of us experience a hard time in goal-setting especially in buying the things that we want. We forget our priorities and tend to replace it with new ones. I myself experience these problems, especially when I go window shopping. I always tell myself whenever I see these pretty pair of shoes that I'm going to buy it at the end of the month using my allowance. But as time goes by, I forget about it and end up not buying it. Even though I write it down in my planner, I still forget because I don't bring my planner at all times and I write on different pages from time to time. How I wish I have an app that can remind me to save up for the pretty things that I want. 

As a fashion blogger and a student at the same time, this is really a big deal especially in shopping. I have to save up using my allowance (I don't want my parents to pay for all the stuff that I want all the time, right?) So I have to be good in goal-setting and be thrifty. Are you having the same problems? I know most of us experience this. I'm happy to introduce you ReMINEd app! Your virtual mine box that can remind you what to buy and what to do in an exact time. You can simply download it on your phone and be reminded anytime and every time you receive your allowance or your monthly salary! 

Scroll down and go ReMINed!

Title: ReMINEd lets you say "Target acquired" in a few months

 A new year is coming, and that only means new beginnings. And although a lot of people welcome the new year by making a long list of should's and shouldn't's, new year resolutions are usually never done right by the end of the year.

Let me introducce you to an app that can potentially help you complete (or at least achieve up to 80%) the tasks on your to-do list. 

A Filipino company, AppLabs Digital Studios Inc., has recently launched a lifestyle app for both iOS and Android fans! The app is aptly called ReMINEd, for it proves to be a very simple reminder application for folks that would love to finally reach their goals.

This app allow users to finally do away with their sticky notes and large, chunky daily planners that cost an arm and a leg to get (I'm looking at you, coffee shop!)

ReMINEd offers a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to paper, and it makes goal-setting a lot more fun. The visual want list's main highlight is the MINE box, a virtual box where all things and even career goals you desire can be saved. Whether you're an aspiring fashionista or an honor student, having your first runway show or graduating with flying colors is finally doable! The app is also known as a visual wish-list application, which means you get to add pictures to the MINE box help your dreams come true!

To facilitate users reach a positive outcome, ReMINEd permits target dates to be set with reminders to reach goals. Furthermore, there are three priority levels available- Low, Medium and High.

ReMINEd is presently offered in 2 versions on iTunes and Google Play. ReMINEd light is downloaded for free, whereas the complete version prices $0.99 per transfer. Visit for additional information concerning AppLabs Digital Studios' 1st reminder application!

**Disclaimer: This review article has been written by Ethel Kay Merioles for the ReMINEd application.**

So you know what to do next time when this new gadget comes out at stores! List it down and ReMINed!:)