Sunday, December 29, 2013

Good Dress Up New Year, New Hair. ELENABLOG

First of all, I'd like to greet everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!:)
How's your holidays? Mine was good! It felt great spending time with the family and friends and be off from work even for just a week! Hope you all had a great Christmas celebration!:)

Anyway, year 2013 will be over in a few days!! I'm psyched! 2013 went by sooo fast! I'm happy and blessed for all the things that I've achieved this year and I'm looking forward for more in 2014!!

Speaking of new year, do you always get the feeling of wanting to have something new? Like a new planner, a new goal, a new career or maybe the simplest thing like a new look? I do! haha! I got tired of my usual dark waist-long hair! I don't cut my hair short so I think this new look is already short for me! Let me tell you more about achieving this new look, of course with the help of one of my favorites, David's Salon!:)

Last year, I had my friend color my hair brown but it didn't showed up because my hair was sooo black. I remember swearing when I was in high school that I would never color my hair brown but I guess I'm taking it back now. I guess being an art student made me want to explore new looks for myself. 

Earlier this year, David's Salon colored my hair brown and I totally loved the look! My hair is naturally straight but I had it rebonded for a totally shampoo commercial look! haha! Achieve!

Later this year, I've noticed that my roots are showing up already! This is the ugliest thing that can happen for a colored hair. So I had my hair revamped at David's Salon!

I just wanted to have a lighter hair color that's why I told my hairstylist Ms. Sonia Calibuso to color it lighter than the usual. She's so good in knowing what I want because I always end up liking the color she applies! Don't you just get the feeling sometimes that you're kind of regretting your hair treatment? I never had that experience in David's! Every treatment is just perfect!

After my hair color, Ms. Sonia gave me a rebonding treatment. Rebonding doesn't just make your hair straight but also makes your hair look healthy!

After my rebonding and coloring, I had my hair cut! 4 inches off my waist-length hair! I was so shocked at first but I loved the look! So light and easy! Don't expect me to cut it shorter. haha! Not a fan of a short-length hair. :p

This is what my hair looks like before...

Here's the final look! Lighter hair color, rebonding and 4 inches off my dark brown waist-length hair! I think my hair looks healthier now! What do you think? :)

I don't usually had my hair cut straight, I always want it cut in a V shape.

No split ends! Healthier looking hair!

Pink Top, UNICA HIJA | Shorts, Soiree by SM GTW


If you love my hair treatment, visit David's Salon now for your own version of New Year, New Hair! 

You can also book my awesome hairstylist/ David's Salon Academy trainer Ms. Sonia Calibuso. You can visit her at SM Makati 4th floor. Call for an appointment every Tuesday, Thursday to Saturday or Sunday(by appointment) using these numbers, 818-3135 and 818-3181. Ms. Sonia has been with David's for 25 years already and has traveled all over the world to attend hair shows and seminars, she also attended classes at Vidal Sassoon Academy in California. See? Your hair is in good hands!:)


Share me your new looks for the new year!:)


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Good Dress Up Freeway Holiday Print Galore. ELENABLOG

Holiday Print Galore

With the party season in full swing, what to wear?  But no worries! Freeway releases yet another visually arresting collection of Moroccan Patterns and Macro Florals!  If you are up for laid-back catching up with your girlfriends, amp your look with Moroccan patterned pieces! Perfect for the breezy December weather because of its sultry prints intricately put together to highlight feminine silhouettes, this collection comes in pops of fresh colors combined with warm and muted ones creating a balanced modern fun feminine look!  Macro florals collection boasts solid shades of blue,green, and red flower patterns in crisp, classic, and tailored cuts which show the smart independent woman! The lookbook photos are paired with lovely shoes from So! Fab and Janylin

For more information on our collections, visit You may also like our Facebook page ( or follows us on Twitter and Instagram @FreewayOnline

Friday, December 20, 2013

Good Dress Up My Little Bossings . ELENABLOG

 �My Little Bossings� Brings Whiff of Fresh Air to MMFF 2013

Not every generation produces a child star but this year, we have not just one but two of them who are set to show people that like Christmas, the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) is all about children even in making the tills sing.

�My Little Bossings� is a movie whose time has come. Ever since the project was bared, the public has been counting months, waiting with bated breath how the precocious Ryzza Mae Dizon will jive with the decorous James �Bimby� Aquino Yap, Both charming and intelligent, but one street smart and the other �socially elite,� it�s an intriguing pairing indeed.  

As shooting progressed and as the two kids warmed up to each other and established rapport on and off screen, it became clear that �My Little Bossings� is more than mere curious case. It�s a casting dynamo bound to shakeup the MMFF and steal thunder from anything that crosses its path. �Nakakatuwa talaga yung dalawang bata. They complement each other so well. You can see that when you watch the movie. Nagtuturuan, nagtatawanan, sabay napapagod, sabay nagugutom. Masaya lang kami sa set. Para lang kaming laging naglalaro,� said �My Little Bossings� lead star and co-producer, Vic Sotto.

That is another thing going for the film: the sure success of �My Little Bossings� doesn�t rest just on the shoulders of Ryzza Mae and Bimby, but those of giants. One of the MMFF Box-office King�s co-stars is also royalty, none other than Queen of All Media and MMFF Box-office Queen Kris Aquino. It is said that one of Kris� reasons in accepting the film is that she wanted her son Bimby�s first experience in making movies to be with someone of Vic�s stature and humility.   

For years, the MMFF doesn�t seem to be complete without a starrer from either Vic or Kris or both. This time they join hands; matching stellar power with stellar power, showbiz might with showbiz might, midas touch with midas touch. How can �My Little Bossings� not turn to gold?         

As most things come in threes, the power of the dream project doesn�t end there. �My Little Bossings� is produced by OctoArts Films, M-Zet Films, APT Entertainment and Kris Aquino Productions all of which have brought out their guns to ensure that it is a heartwarming, quality movie through and through. More than the big names attached to the film, �My Little Bossings� is a family film packed with lessons wrapped in humor, wit and laughter---exactly what we need in times like these.

Vic plays the role Torky Villanueva who works as a bookeeper for the millionaire cash management specialist Baba Atienza (Kris). Because of some conflict in her business, Baba entrusts her son Justin (Bimby) to Torky�s care for fear of her life. In the meantime, Torky�s niece Ice (Aiza) who lives in the same house with him, is involved in an advocacy for street children where street kid Ching (Ryzza ) becomes her special ward. Ice brings Ching home when the orphanage closed down. The fun begins when all these people start living in one roof while they each tackle his respective personal dilemma.

 Last December 13, 2013, "My Little Bossings" had a Blogger's Night where in bloggers were invited for a press con with Mr. Vic Sotto and Rhyzza Mae Chua. Entertainment, Lifestyle, even Fashion bloggers went to the event to show their support and to know more about the movie.

�My Little Bossings� also stars Aiza Seguerra, Jaclyn Jose, Jose Manalo, Paolo Ballesteros, Barbie Forteza, Neil Coleta, and Neil Sese from the direction of Marlon Rivera. Story and screenplay by Bibeth Orteza.

�My Little Bossings� starts showing on Christmas Day as an entry to the 2013 MMFF.

I can't wait to watch My Little Bossings this coming December 25! Make sure to put them on your list this Christmas!:)

Good Dress Up Brightest Moments . ELENABLOG

All of us had our brightest moment. That one moment when you felt so confident and happy, you're with the special people in your life, or maybe you've achieved something so great and valuable. We had different moments where we felt so special as if you're the brightest star in that place and time.

In my 20 years of living, my brightest moment was during my College Graduation last March 2013! That moment when all of my hardships, staying up late to finish my plates, financial expenses, daily commute to school and countless memories and experiences as a student finally ended! My greatest achievement. I felt so happy because I can finally say, hard work paid off! Of course it's not just the thought of finishing school that made this moment the brightest, but also the people I got to share it with.

Honestly, I felt a mix of emotions. I felt so happy, sad, excited, and loved. I was so happy because of the fact that I'm graduating with my college friends. We've all finished college together on time. Sad, because I know we wouldn't be able to spend time with each other everyday unlike before where we're in college. Excited because the chapter of our lives as a student has finally ended and we're on to the next! I'm so excited for each and everyone of us to go out there and find for the job that we love and be successful in our careers. Loved because..oh wait, I don't have to explain this. I already feel loved with all these people around me. This made this moment extra special.

What's a graduation without the people who stood by you 'til the end? My family of course! The whole family was there at my graduation. Even my grandmother who's having a hard time seeing and walking, dressed up and attended my graduation. She told me she can't miss this time of my life. So sweet, i can't thank her enough.

All of my siblings were there too! I'm the eldest in the family so this is the first time for them to attend a college graduation that's why they're so happy and excited for me!:)

My Dad was there of course. How could a dad miss his eldest daughter's graduation? Thanks Daddy!

And of course my Mom, my ever supportive mom. I actually feel so blessed to have very supportive parents. They always got my back whatever I want in life or whatever decisions I make. This achievement is for them. I can't thank them enough for giving me everything, for giving me the education that every child wants.

 I think this is my brightest moment not because I finished school or because I'm done facing all the suffering a student faces but I declare this as my brightest moment because of the people around me. The people I got to share this moment with. And of course the feeling of happiness that I brought to my family.

This unforgettable moment made me more confident in facing the next challenges that I'm going to handle. I am now confident to find a job, go after my dreams,  never stop achieving and dreaming.

One does not simply shine without confidence. Garnier tells us to shine with confidence and experience more unforgettable moments with your family and friends!

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You, what's your brightest, most unforgettable moment of confidence with your family and friends? :)