Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Dress Up Mr. and Ms. CHE 2013. ELENABLOG

Last July 26, 2013, I was invited by the UP College of Home Economics to be one of their judges for the Mr. and Ms. CHE 2013. Even though I've been invited before in UST to be one of the judges in several pageants, it still feels surreal for people to acknowledge my expertise in this field. I never thought my being a style blogger would qualify me in that spot and actually having a say in the competition. hihi  Anyway, I really enjoy these kind of events. I enjoy judging pageants and seeing how talented these people are. 

 Meet my co-judges, 'Internet Action Star' Ramon Bautista and Teacher Trina.

 The candidates in their Creative Costume.

 I'm so impressed by how these students used their creativity and turned these recyclable materials into lovely costumes! 

 We were asked to do the Q&A portion. (Infairness sa questions, mahirap!haha Kudos to the candidates for their good answers!)

 I feel so honored to judge this pageant with THE Ramon Bautista. 'Surreal' to finally meet him in person. (yes surreal talaga haha) Swear, I'm a fan of this man's wit and perspective on life and love. It was awesome meeting you in person Sir Ramon! Hope to see you again soon!:)

 Obvious naman na nageenjoy kami diba?haha!

 Mr. and Ms. CN won this year's Mr. and Ms. CHE title. Congratulations CJ and Kat!:)

 Spotted : Sino ang tinitignan mo Ramon? I have a feeling happy crush niya tong si Ms. CHE. haha uy?:))

Of course, my mom and my friend Sarah won't let the night end without having a picture with Ramon. hahaha (Di parin makaget over si mommy when Ramon called her my sister hahaha)
 Lakas maka-loveteam ng picture na to. haha!

Thank you UP CHE Student Council for having me as one of your judges. I enjoyed this experience. Congratulations for pulling off an awesome college week!:)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Good Dress Up Daisy and Denim. ELENABLOG

Top, ENSEMBLES. Denim vest, Renz Pangilinan. Skirt, DIY. Shoes, WADE. Gold Choker, FOREVER 21. Gold Cuff, HISSBLISS.

I'm going to make this quick coz I gotta go in a bit. This is what I wore last Student Media Congress at De La Salle University. I need to wear something casual yet chic for my judging duty later that day at UP Diliman. Of course I didn't wore heels all day. I wore flats during the congress. Notice my skirt? it's a maxi! I turned it into a skater skirt-ish! haha! Love my DIY? Do it to your tired looking maxi skirts for a new look!

By the way, I super love my new pair of platform heels from Wade! So comfy and chic! It's so light that you won't even recognize you're in heels! Check out Wade shoes for their new collections! 



Good Dress Up De La Salle University Student Media Congress. ELENABLOG

Ms. Maria Ressa talking about the Social Media

Mr. John Nery talking about taking print to the next level.

Mr. Jaemark Tordecilla of Interasksyon
 Mr. Jaemark started his talk with these funny images from the last elections.

 " People use the internet like a drunk man uses a lamp post, for support, not for illumination."

"Preaching to the choir is not always a bad thing, if your can make the choir spread your gospel."

Mr. Val Victa of the Manila Broadcasting Company talking about the Radio media.

  " The Internet( Digital Media) is no different from TV, Print and Radio... It's just another DISTRIBUTION METHOD." - Val Victa

Last July 26, 2013 was the first day of the first ever Student Media Congress held at the De La Salle University. A lot of students from different schools in different parts of the Philippines, professors, and people from the media came in to this 2-day seminar and workshops about different fields of media. I was lucky to be one of the Blogger delegates of Nuffnang Philippines and was able to attend this event. It was a fun and interactive event. We learned a lot from the awesome and witty speakers. I attended the event with my friend Sarah Garcia and blogger friends, Yuki Tansengco and Ana Gonzales. We all had a great time! Too bad I'm going to miss DLSUSMC's second day, but I bet you guys are going to learn more and have fun at the same time!

Props to DLSU for organizing an event like this! Thank you Nuffnang for this opportunity! Looking forward next year for the Student Media Congress 2!:)

Were you able to attend? Share me your experiences and the things you've learned! Tweet me of comment them below!:)