Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good Dress Up SuperSale Bazaar March 2013 PLUS Free Passes!. ELENABLOG

Can you believe it? It's  SuperSale Bazaar once again! This is my favorite bazaar in town! Lots of lovely and unique pieces! And again, I together with some of your favorite bloggers will be joining the bazaar and will be selling some of our pre-loved items and our own brands for you! SuperSale Bazaar will be held at the World Trade Center this March 1-3!:) 
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SuperSale Bazaar Summer Edition 2013

Summer kicks off surprisingly early this year and we couldn't be more excited for three days of majorly on trend brands and fashion-forward event attire. But before you gear up and before we open the doors of one of the biggest tents in Manila, we must tease you a little so you can bring all the proper essentials to the event � any gadget with a camera, most secure yet fashionable bag and of course your most festive day dress.

Given that our country has only two seasons, for us Filipinos, the arrival of summer means that the heat can be unbearable. No more edgy jackets and layered styling, in fact, we say hello to irritable weather-affected netizens ranting away in cyberspace. On the plus side though we all look forward to that beach trip, cute tan lines and breezy summer dresses. This is where our team comes in to help ease through the scorching transitional phase and make you enjoy summer. 

As the season heralds a return to brighter colors, floral patterns, and eye-catching accessories, which is why today we bring you an outstanding roundup of over 200 brands full of summer essentials whether or not you will be stuck here in Manila or out partying on the sands of Boracay. Happily, there are tons of quintessential pieces in the 15thinstallment of SuperSale Bazaar, as we've rounded up an array of intriguing ensembles and labels for your pleasure. From Soak�s international caliber stamped swimwear, Tonic�s celebrated comfy flats, Glitterati�s awe-inspiring cocktail dresses, Moonshine�s relaxed yet event-worthy gowns, Queen Street�s versatile bags to Flutter�s intricately created semi-precious accessories.

While these established brands have been consistently present in our bazaars, we've also uncovered a huge pool of untapped brands that are worthy of your attention. But we will leave it at that to add some mystery to our much-awaited bazaar to date. So come on and spend some time with us during the official start of summer to find out what must-haves are in the market. SuperSale Bazaar�s Summer Edition is happening on March 1-3, 2013 at the World Trade Centerfrom Friday-Sunday, 10am-9pm.

Post on Instagram and Tweet your favorite looks and pieces to win prizes and don't forget to tell us which tastemakers and bloggers are topping your best-dressed list! Try to get a snapshot with them during the 3-day fete. Don�t forget to follow us @supersalebazaar and tag us #supersalebazaar. Tons of prizes await!

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I'll announce the winners this Sunday (Feb 24, 2013) The winners will be automatically put in my guest list for SSB!:)

Good luck and See you at the SuperSale Bazaar!:)

* For the Benefit of World Vision, helping build a better world for children.
* You may pre-purchase tickets via SM cinema outlets or online www.smtickets.com
* For inquiries email us at supersalebazaar@yahoo.com or contact us at +63917-8013772.
* Visit http://www.facebook.com/supersalebazaar for more details and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @supersalebazaar


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Good Dress Up WEAR MY DESIGN Grand Winners for Ensembles Spring 2013. ELENABLOG

With the rise of Philippine fashion comes the emergence of young, hopeful designers who get the chance to showcase their talent and creativity to the whole nation.Ensembles has given this wonderful opportunity to 5 lucky ladies as they won the Wear My Design Contest for Spring 2013. They were chosen out of almost a hundredentries submitted by designer hopefuls nationwide. Among the wide array of prizes they have won, the best part is that they get to live out their dream of being acknowledged as a designer, and their winning designs worn by ladies all over the country.
So who are the 5 grand winners of the Wear My Design contest? Ensembles is proud to present the 5 young designers and their winning creations: IONALA by Regina Natividad, BOSS OF PARADISE by MymyLudovico, FUTURISTIC SPRING by Michelle Sarmiento, PEPLUM DRESS by Pamela Victoria and ANDREI by April Joy Dela Cruz.Being no strangers to the world of fashion, 4 out of 5 of these gals have been fashion design students. When asked if she had a hard time coming up with a concept, Pamela, the only one who didn�t take up a design course, said, �Not quite. I just thought of a concept that would fit a stylish woman in a corporate world and something that is understated yet elegant and would add a stylish twist to a normal office outfit.�
Surely, all the hard work and effort these designers have put into their creations were all born from an inspiration. For Regina, it took a sentimental purpose for her to get that creative spark. What was her inspiration? �My daughter who passed away. Her name is Iona, which is why Iolana is the name of my entry�, she said. When it comes to the obstacles they encountered, meeting the deadline was a common problem. �It just so happened that I had other commitments to do at that time, that�s why I ended up submitting the garments on the very last day of submission�, answered April.
What made these ladies win was because they captured the essence of what an Ensembles woman embodies. �One who is confident, knows the trends and can carry it well. She can stand on her own and can stand out at the same time�, as described by Mymy. Also, they got to play out one of the key aspects of Ensembles, which is versatility. �The dress can be worn from day to night. Just put on a blazer for work matched with stunning stilettos then take the blazer off for night outs�, Michelle said, pertaining to her dress. Wearing one of the winning designs is CarminaVillaroel who just recently got married to longtime partner ZorenLegaspi. When asked what she thought of the winning styles? "Wow, these are from non-professional designers? They look flattering and practical, perfect for me and my busy schedule!"

The winning creations are to be released as part of the Spring 2013 Collection of Ensembles and is scheduled to hit the stores nationwide this February 2013.So, do you think you have what it takes to become a designer? Then join the next Wear My Design contest which will be held from May 1- June 30, 2013! Watch out for it! Who knows, it could be your creation that will be featured in our next spring  2014 collection!

For more information, visit www.ensembles.com.ph.  Or visit our facebook page facebook.com/EnsemblesOnline and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @EnsemblesOnline.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Good Dress Up Be PROMtastic!. ELENABLOG

It's February once again and every time the calendar hits this month, besides Valentines Day, I think about proms! Prom is my favorite time of my high school life. This is the time where everyone's all dolled up looking glamorous dancing and enjoying the night out! It's the time when you and your friends all look pretty with your handsome prom dates, taking tons of pictures and enjoying each other's company. Of course for girls, prom is a big deal, no HUGE! You have to figure out what shoes to wear, you have to book your salon services, have your mani pedi and footspa, buy your accessories, and the most important thing of all, choosing the perfect prom dress! 

If I could just have another take in life where I can go to proms just like in high school I would.. but I know right now it's pretty impossible because I'm about to finish college. LOL. Haha anyway, I want every girl to be PROMtastic so here's my few tips on how to choose the perfect prom dress!

If you want to look Princess-y on your prom night, don't settle for the usual balloon gowns in pastel colors. Honestly, sometimes these gowns make you look fat. Wearing a ball gown is very tricky, you have to consider the material and the style that you're wearing. For a pretty princess-y look, check out this red ball gown from Sherri Hill... Looks classy right? I think this is the perfect ball gown if you want to achieve that Fairy Tale look! The upper part of the gown is fully embellished and fits your upper body. It shows your curves even though you're wearing a ball gown.

If you want to look simple yet glamorous, try something shimmery, long and flowy. With all these glitters, you just need to throw on your favorite drop earrings and dramatic make up then you're good to go! It's obviously not your ordinary prom dress, plus this gown will make you look tall and slender! This will surely turn all eyes on you.

 If you're curvy or slightly weight-challenged and want to hide those curves, try wearing an empire cut gown from Sherri Hill with sleeves just like the one in this picture. It may look conservative but the plunging neckline and the sequined upper part of the gown will definitely make you look fabulously sexy! Another tip about this gown? the empire cut will surely hide your tummy;)

If your prom doesn't require wearing long gowns, you can wear a dress something like this one from Sherri Hill. It looks unique because of the fringe details and it looks sexy because of the embellished corset-like top. Lay off with the usual balloon type of cocktail dresses, unless your prom's theme is Grease or something similar to those type of clothing..if not just scratch it off the list of your choices. It's not very flattering and very overrated. 

 You can also rock the night with this black sequined high low dress from Sherri Hill. The high low trend has been popular for the past few months so why not try this trend on your prom night and lay off with the ball gowns and serpentine dresses. You can surely dance the night off with this cocktail dress!:)

Want a dramatic red carpet look? Try wearing these length-y gowns with embellishments. They key to a red carpet look is a simple yet glamorous looking gown, dramatic make up and less usage of accessories. Let your gown do the job! Check out these pretty gowns for your red carpet look!
 One shoulder and high slit looks like Heidi Klum in the recent Golden Globes!
 Especially this white one!:)
Black never gets old! But you can try adding a little twist by wearing a black sequined dress! Not your ordinary black dress eh?:)

I hope my post is not too late for your prom preparations. 
If you haven't decided yet on what to wear, visit Misses Dressy http://www.missesdressy.com

They have fabulous dresses that you'll surely love! The pretty dresses that I posted above are from Misses Dressy! Check it out!:)

Another thing, don't forget to smile. It's completes every outfit! ;)